We are committed to bringing you closer to God through Life Groups.  Life Groups are groups of 4-16 people doing Christian life deeply together.  We believe that honesty and vulnerability are necessary for spiritual growth, and having a group larger than 16 could possibly hinder that process.

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Each Life Group will meet at a member’s house where we believe four things should take place:




We believe that the study of Scripture is what will produce mature believers in Christ.  It is where we can learn about God’s character and His expectations for our own personal lives (2 Timothy 3:16-17).



God has created us to be relational.  Life Groups, therefore, are created to be interdependent where we learn to lean on and count on each other in all aspects of our lives.  They should be places where we can be honest and vulnerable, knowing that we can rely and trust each member of our group (Ephesians 4:2-3).



We know that life plays no favorites.  All of us at some point will go through pain and heartache.  Life Groups are a place where we can speak of pain, grief, loss, and failures. We can be confident that we have a group that will help us be restored back to the joy and peace that Jesus Christ offers (Isaiah 61:1-2).



Life Groups should be a mission to meet the needs of the hurting in the name of Jesus, to share with non-believers what Jesus can and wants to do to bring them into a relationship with Him, and to be involved in making the Gospel known to all nations (Acts 1:8.)