All Ages Adult Sunday School

Senior Adult Sunday School

Contemporary Christians - 9 AM | S201

This class for those 50+ discusses a variety of topics including theology, personal growth, contemporary issues, and Bible studies.

Generation Acts - 9 AM | E224

We are a group of couples, singles and parents of older children who are continuing to grow in our walk with Christ.  Our goal is to use bible-based lessons which can be applied to our daily life, taking these lessons into the community as we share the love of Jesus. 

Heritage - 9 AM | East Asbury 

This class continues to promote its interest in the Bible, Methodism, comparative religions, social issues and social events with a team of rotating teachers. Married couples and singles, middle-aged and older, are welcomed and encouraged to belong to this group of caring Christians. 

Chio Rho - 5 PM | Zoom

This class is centered on the scriptures with facilitated group discussion. We are multi-generational and benefit from being exposed to viewpoints of many varied backgrounds and stages of life. We are active active in missions and enjoy class socials several times a year.

New Beginnings - 9 AM | S209

The class explores their faith through open discussion of contemporary Christian issues interspersed with Bible studies. Teaching responsibility is shared among voluntary class members.

Leftover Friends - 9 AM | E106

The class explores their faith through open discussion of contemporary Christian issues interspersed with Bible studies. Teaching responsibility is shared among voluntary class members.

Faith Mates - 9 AM | S101

Adults with young families through elementary age meet weekly to dicuss topics from personal faith and the Bible to relationships and parenting. We share joys and struggles through this community as we do life together. Our class has monthly socials including ladies/guys nights, family activites, and adult socials.

Pathfinders - 9 AM | S225

This Bible-oriented class is dedicated to Christian growth through studying the Scriptures. The class consists of couples and singles of all ages.

Singles With a Purpose - 9 AM | Zoom

Singles With a Prupose is a class of singles, both men and women, who are 50+. Through Bible studies geared for older singles, activites planned throughout the year, and lunches after church, we meet the needs of singles.

Selah - 9 AM | Choir Room

Selah is a new class at St. Peters beginning June 13 at 9am in the Choir Room. Welcome to adults across all age groups and walks of life. Studies include discussions with a musical emphasis, blending topical discussions with a scriptural focus. We are a class that enjoys studying, learning, and growing as we walk through our Christian journey together. Schedule and timings will be tailored to accomodate participation in Sunday Morning music ministries.

Seekers of Christ - 9 AM | West Asbury

This class studies a mixture of topics: Bible study, living our faith, and mixing political/social topics as they relate to Christian life through use of vidoes, guest speakers, and member-led class discussions.

Divine Diversity - 9 AM | Zoom

This diverse group comes together at all stages and ages in life. Join us as we walk in God's loving grace, through prayer, study, and service.

Faithful Friends - 9 AM  |  S204

We are a small class of primarily empty-nesters and proud grandparents. We read books together on a varying topics and discuss the chapters weekly. The discussions often are very soul-searching. 

Contact Barbara Landis to get plugged in and learn more!

Soul Sisters - Thursdays, 6:30 PM | Zoom

A Christ-centered group of women of all ages supporting and encouraging each other on our journeys in life through prayer and God's Word. We will focus our studies on the lives of godly women throughout the ages and how they dealt with adversity, trials, and temptations.

If you would like more information about these groups, please contact Elizabeth Bucher at