Progressive Dinner

6th-12th Grade

December 18th



Join us for a Christmas Student Progressive Dinner! This will be a night filled with food, ugly Christmas attire, and fellowship! 


Please drop your students off at the West Campus at 3:30pm. We will head to our first house where our hosts will serve appetizers. Then, we will move to the second house where we will eat a full entrée. Lastly, for dessert, we will meet at the Campfire and Carols house! We will get to join in for carols and smore’s with other members of St. Peter’s.  


We will play a gift exchange game so we are asking every student to bring a $10 wrapped gift. Campfire and Carols runs from 6-7 so if parents attend you can take your student home from there. If not, pick-up will still be at the Campfire and Carols house at 7.  I will send the home addresses to everyone that signs up to attend!


Please RSVP by December 7th to reserve your spot!