We believe that following Jesus is a journey, an exciting pathway that we are all invited to share together as disciples. This year, we have grouped some of our Wednesday Night programs for adults into three categories that will help you move along this Discipleship Pathway: foundational Gear-Up Courses, life-applicable Explore Courses, and in-depth Adventure Courses. We encourage you to prayerfully select a class that appeals to you. Remember, you don't necessarily have to start with Gear-Up Courses, and even a lifelong Christ-follower can benefit from any of the offerings. Sign up below.

Below are studies from Fall 2018. Watch for new studies starting up in January, 2019.



Invitation: Introduction to Bible Study

10 weeks, Room S201

This course is designed to provide a helpful foundation for how to read, study, and understand scripture. During class, we will review and discuss the weekly readings, view a video, and explore with challenging follow-up questions.  $23 book fee.

Methodism 101

10 weeks, Asbury East

Are you new to the United Methodist Church? Or do you just want to learn more about what makes the United Methodist Church unique? We have three experts on Methodism who bring their own expertise to this class, sharing the exciting life of John Wesley and an up-close look at the structures of the local and global United Methodist Church.

Living as a Disciple: A Spiritual Gifts Short Course - 4 weeks, Room S209

God has given each follower of Jesus spiritual gifts that are intended to be used in the Kingdom of God. This course will help you discover what your spiritual gifts are and discern where God is (and is not) calling you to use these gifts. You will quickly learn to recognize the God-given promptings on your heart, as well as how you are uniquely equipped to bring God's love to a hurting world.



Faith-Filled Families

Meets year round, Asbury East

This is a biblically based group of parents and grandparents with children or grandchildren ranging in ages from newborn to college age. The group meets weekly for fellowship, support, special presentations, and biblical teaching and covers a wide range of topics related to parenting, discipline, transitions, money, and more. Each week parents will gather for a presented lesson or a speaker and then break up into small table groups to discuss and share.

When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box - 6 weeks, Room S209

In this thought-provoking study of what's really important in life, John Ortberg uses games as a metaphor to help us recognize and play for life's real prize: being rich toward God. This class will help you sort out what's fleeting and what's permanent in God's Kingdom. It's the perfect playbook to help you consider life's true priorities and arrange your life with eternal prizes in mind.



Disciple Fast-Track Bible Study:

Old Testament - 12 weeks, Room S101

This course provides an opportunity to engage with the Bible in an accessible and life-changing manner. Participants read three to five chapters of the Bible daily in preparation for the weekly class, which includes a video presentation and discussion. $16 book fee.

The Epic of Eden: Ruth

6 weeks, Room S210

Set in one of the most corrupt eras of Israelite history, Ruth is a story about three compelling characters: Naomi, an elderly widow who has lost everything; Ruth, Naomi's daughter-in-law, who refuses to let Naomi face the future alone; and Boaz, the family patriarch who is given the opportunity to do the right thing. $17 book fee.

Gospel of John/Paul's Letter to the Ephesians

Starting Sept. 5, Room E225

Two 12-week studies of the Gospel of John and Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians.