Flooding brings rain and destruction, but it also brings out compassion, love, unity, and the willingness to help those impacted by Tropical Storm Imelda and Hurricane Harvey. In light of the incredible willingness of the St. Peter’s family and the number of families that still need help, we are asking for those willing and able to step out and help those in need. For more information on upcoming work days or any other questions, please contact our Home Recovery Coordinator, Maryann Fanty at homerecovery@stpkaty.org.

St. James Church

We are currently working on a church through Katy Responds. We hope you can join us at St. James Church, a small Baptist church in the Sealy/Brookshire area, which was flooded during Harvey and could not be salvaged.  A new structure has been built and they are looking for volunteers to complete the inside as they lack the funds to hire it done. We have also been going on weekends to demo the old church building, trying to salvage as much as we can reuse. The people their are very appreciative! Please email homerecovery@stpkaty.org if you are interested in helping with the demo.

KATY RESPONDS is looking for people to join their team. Click HERE for more information.


If you would like to give financially to help those affected by Imelda or Hurricane Harvey, click below, click on Missions, and type in Disaster Relief. All monies will go towards the disaster relief effort.