Join Pastor Amy & Pastor Jamison in a 10-week study called Life Groups 101!

This will include participation in a Life Group starter experience using Kevin Watson's, The Class Meeting, teaching on Wesleyan Grace and leadership training in servant leadership. The hope is that through this process, you will be able to discern one of three outcomes with what you learn and experience:

  • • You will feel called to start and lead a new Life Group.
  • • Your next step would be joining a new Life Group.
  • • You will take what you learn and apply it in some other setting (i.e., your friendships, family life, other growth groups). 

Wednesdays  •  11 AM  •  Kingsland Campus

January 19  •  10-weeks

Rev. Jamison Doehring

Wednesdays  •  6 PM  •  Kingsland Campus

January 19  •  10-weeks

Rev. Amy Holcomb


Modeled after traditional Wesleyan class meeting groups, Life Groups are one of the best ways to further your walk with God at West Campus. They are small communities within the larger church in which members share where God is working in their lives, support each other with love and prayer, connect to, and serve the Body of Christ in tangible ways outside of worship and Bible study. Groups are starting on Wednesday, January 26th and Thursday, January 27th at 6pm. Register to join!

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