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What is the Reveal Survey?

Through a series of custom questions that will take about 20-30 minutes, you will receive personalized results capturing areas of strength and areas of growth in your personal discipleship. 

Why should I take the survey?

Your participation will bring insight into the state of discipleship in our congregation and help us discover where people are today regarding their discipleship growth. This will, in turn, help our church leaders identify the appropriate spiritual growth catalysts for the future. You will also receive personalized results capturing YOUR areas of strength and areas of growth.

I took the survey.

Now what?

After taking the survey you must click "Share/Email" before you navigate away from the webpage or you will not be able to access your results without taking the survey again.


After receiving your results please connect with us by contacting Elizabeth Bucher,, to set up an conversation with a Next Step coach who will work with you on a personal discipleship growth plan for 2021.



Why did I score so low in certain areas of the survey?

This survey is not produced by St. Peter's and provides generalized questions meant to show how different individuals might score across congregations and even denominations. This is a snapshot, not a final exam, and is meant to provide a jump start to areas of personal growth. You cannot fail!

How do I respond accurately to questions about my "lead/senior pastor" when I primarily attend worship services in a venue other than Traditional?

Answer these questions for your venue pastor. For example, if you attend contemporary worship on our Kingsland campus, then you would answer these questions with Pastor Parker in mind.

I chose not to "share" my results at the end of the survey and then I never got to see how I scored... what happened?

You MUST chose to share your results in order to see them! If you select not to share them, and navigate away from the page, you will not be able to view your results and we will not be able to obtain them since the surveys are completely anonymous. If you would like to take next steps and receive a personal discipleship growth plan with a Next Steps Coach, you will need to share your results with Elizabeth Bucher at You may also choose to share the results with yourself, and then forward the email to Elizabeth. 

Other questions?

Contact Rev. Jamison Doehring at