281.492.8031 extensions as listed

Barron, Ed

Building Operations & Maintenance Director, ext. 313


Benjamin, Mike

Business Administrator, ext. 307

Botkin, Scarlett

Director of the Early Childhood

Development Center, ext. 337


Brown, David

Building Operations & Maintenance Assistant, ext. 315


Bucher, Elizabeth

Ministry Assistant

to Campus Pastors, ext. 311


Callarman, Haley

Children's Choir Coordinator

Campbell, Patty

Media Coordinator, ext. 306


Castelltort, Hector

Communications Coordinator, ext. 314

Doehring, Jamison

Executive Pastor, ext. 373

Eidson, Ashley

Database Administrator, ext. 361


Galasso, David

Director of Music Ministries, ext. 328

Ghazi, Becky

Accounts Payable, ext. 308

James, Heather

Ministry Assistant to Lead Pastor, ext. 387


Kim, David 

Associate Pastor, Korean Ministry, ext. 408

Kincannon, Austin

West Campus Worship Leader

Knauer, Eric

Media Booth Coordinator

McDaniel, Amanda

Associate Director of

​​​​​​​Children's Ministry

McElveen, Chad

Director of Student Ministry, ext. 322

Miday, Holly

Age-Level Ministry Assistant, ext. 309

Pagonis, Kelly

Children's Ministry Assistant, ext. 410

Parsons, Emily

Assoc. Director of Student Ministry, ext. 322


Peper, Whitney

Pastor of Care Ministry

and Courage Worship Pastor, ext. 305

Reeve, Courtney

Assistant Director of the Early Childhood Development Center, ext. 356


Sandlin, Alyssa

Director of Children's Ministry, ext. 367


Sparks, Pat

Senior Pastor, ext. 303

Stachurski, CJ

Director of Staff and Lay Leadership, ext. 316

Underwood, Lucy

Human Resources Administrator, ext. 374


Walker, Stephen

Director of Communication

and Contemporary Worship, ext. 321

Woodby, Melanie

Nursery Coordinator, ext. 310


Zeisig, Alex

West Campus Pastor, ext. 302


Zimmerman, Parker

Kingsland Campus Pastor, ext. 304