When the Game is Over

It All Goes Back in the Box

9/26/18 - 6:30 p.m.

Room S209 - 6 wks

In this thought-provoking study of what's really important in life, John Ortberg uses games as a metaphor to help us recognize and play for life's real prize: being rich toward God. Using humor and wisdom, Ortberg reminds us that everything on earth belongs to God, and everything we "win" is just on loan. The author makes sure we understand the object of the game, but he also walks us through the set-up, the rules, the strategies, and choosing the right trophies. This class will help you sort out what's fleeting and what's permanent in God's kingdom. It's the perfect playbook to help you consider life's true priorities and arrange your life with eternal prizes in mind. Childcare is provided. Workbook fee of $9.