Are you in need of a job? Are you looking for a way to connect with fellow church members to assist their needs? The Student Work Force is a way for students and church members to contact each other to allow for much needed work to be completed. Please fill out this FORM if you have any interest in being included in the directory for the Student Work Force.


How this will work: if you sign up, the St. Peter's Student Ministry staff will be the only ones who can see this directory.  When someone from the church asks for help with something, then we will share the appropriate contact info with the church member.  

NOTE: St. Peter’s is not responsible for any errors or omissions and assumes no responsibility or liability for exchange of services or transactions.  This is not a St. Peter’s sponsored event.  The Student Work Force is to help connect students with our church members in our congregation and community who may be looking or needing to complete a task or job.  Parents, please make sure you understand what your child is signing up for and what the expectations of the job/assignment consist of.